How to choose curtains for your living room ?

You are rethinking the decoration of your living room, but you are still hesitating between blinds and curtains for your windows ? Real decorative assets, knowing the function of blinds and curtains is very important in your choice and for the general atmosphere created by your room. Do you prefer an intimate and cozy space or rather a bright and shimmering room ? Everything you need to know before choosing the curtains for your living room is here.

What to focus on: blinds or curtains for your living room ?

the choice of blinds or curtains in your living room is as much a matter of taste as it is of functionality: it depends on the layout and decoration of your room. To play with the light outside your living room, the blinds are a good option because the adjustable blades allow toadapt the brightness and diffuse it towards the heart of your living room. They also protect you from outside gazes or vis-à-vis with your neighbours: completely or partially obscure the opening of your window with a awning day night . Plus, curtains can smother the space of a small living room while the blind drapes perfectly over your windows.

The orientation of the slats can also be used to visually enlarge the room: vertical if your living room has a low ceiling or horizontal for cramped spaces in particular.

The drapes as for them, they easily enhance your style of interior decoration: the variety of fabrics, colors and patterns allows you to create one cocoon at a time cozy and warm, more difficult to create with a blind. You will find different types of curtains depending on your lighting needs.

What types of curtains to choose ?

Different types of curtains are now marketed, in particular on Store Direct . Adapting to the atmosphere of your living room (intimate, bright, warm, sober…), the curtains are differentiated by their transparency basically :

  • curtains : light and thin, the curtains allow light to easily enter the living room while protecting you from prying eyes (brightness and privacy). By buying striped curtains, you can give an optical effect to your room (vertical: enlargement, horizontal: enlargement). Voile curtains combine perfectly with thicker thermal curtains to retain heat on winter evenings;
  • semi-obscuring or dimming : without completely cutting you off from the outside light, the blackout curtains are a little thicker than the sheer. They filter part of the light and give your living room an intimate and soft atmosphere without finding you in the dark;
  • blackout : blackout curtains immerse your living room in a total darkness. Much denser and thicker than other curtain models, they are often preferred in the bedroom, but can be suitable for your living room if you want to cut yourself off from the outside world. Perfect for countering the glare of the sun on a television screen, they can also be used as a door to conceal shelves.

How to choose the color of the curtains in the living room ?

Be inspired by the many decorating ideas to transform your living room before choose your curtains among one wide range of colors, of fabrics, patterns and styles. The color of your curtains should complement with harmony your style of interior decoration:

  • nature and zen: opt for neutral and warm colors such as beige, brown and green, which will go perfectly with a faux leather sofa and a coffee table in raw wood;
  • industrial: choose curtains in anthracite grey, navy blue, red, white or metallic tones, lit by a suspension bar from which hang, at different lengths, beautiful designer light bulbs;
  • bohemian: alternate patterns and colors such as orange, ochre, red, purple, green and brown, to combine with vintage furniture;
  • exotic: combined with wooden, rattan or bamboo furniture, simply hang cream, brown, teal or white curtains.

Avoid colors that are too dark or, on the contrary, too flashy, if your room is small and play on the patterns to compose with the layout and surface of your living room.