4 remedies to remove hair from hair

Apart from the problems of break and drought that we often have with our hair, there is the concern for dandruff. Indeed, this is a problem that several people (adult, adolescent, etc.) hang out without having any solution. By reading this article until the end, you will find several remedies with which you can gradually reduce the effects of these dandruff.

Before, let’s try to briefly explain what the hair dandruff.

What do we call hair dandruff ?

When the skin regenerates, it does it at all levels. Thus, it is normal that the cells which are at the level of the skull regenerate, which will lead to the presence of dead skins. Unfortunately, when these dead skins are not well eliminated and they mix with the sebum produced by the hair, it creates plates called squamous.

This is called hair dandruff. The poor elimination of dead skin can be due to several causes Like dehydration of the scalp, an allergenic reaction to certain shampoos, and many other things.

Note that hair dandruff exist in several forms and are manifested by itching. When it starts and you scratch your head; You will find that a rain of white waste falls on your shoulders, which is embarrassing. Also, when the dandruff is at your hair, just comb and small white grains start by dirtying you.

Fortunately, several remedies are developed to help you fight these dandruff and improve your hair care.

That’Do you have dandruff ?

Several reasons explain the phenomenon of dandruff. Generally, dandruff is caused by dermatophytosis diseases, C’That is to say affections caused by microscopic fungi which have a very special affinity with keratin (proteins that we find in the vast majority in hair, nails and hair). These mushrooms proliferate through interhuman contacts (family, wrestlers, etc.), with animals, by objects (borrowing’a comb or d’a non -disinfected brush).

They can cause a certain discomfort in men who are infected with it, and come to seriously tarnish a hairstyle for trendy men.


VS’is the most widespread cause and is associated with dry dandruff. Pityriasis is an affection generated by a fungus that’rooted on the scalp and disrupts its cell renewal. As we said before you, The skin of the skull constantly eliminates dead cells, in order to make room for new cells.

Pityriasis has an acceleration of the process, which tends to agglutinate the dead skin that weld and form squams. Concretely, squams are what we more trivially call the dandruff.


L’Scalp eczema otherwise called seborrheic dermatitis is again an infection caused by a fungus. He is not’Acts not pityriasis, but malassezia. This mushroom, when’It proliferates, tends to cause yellowish oily skin plates.

Also, this type of’infection causes not dry but oily dandruff.

The ringworms

Ringworm is also a dermatosis that contaminates the skin and hair. Generally, it affects children from maternal to primary and propagates especially through contact with animals. However, it only develops’Once in individuals, thanks to an immune reaction.

They cause large infected dandruff, as well as important itching. The ringworms can cause to the dandruff, significant hair falls.


Psoriasis n’is not a fungus, but inflammatory and chronic disease Linked to the immune system. It manifests itself in the skin and more particularly in the hair leather. Like pityriasis, psoriasis leads to an acceleration of cell renewal (from 3 to 7 days, instead of’thirty days normally) and important itching.

Often, the plates of psoriasis materialize at the level of the top of the forehead and behind the ears.

How to remove hair from hair ?

There are various kinds of natural remedies to clean up the scalp, make it stronger, and thus fight against hair loss and dandruff.

A cider vinegar remedy

This is an element that makes it possible to stabilize the balance of the pH of your scalp and destroys bacterial agents who create the proliferation of dandruff. To prepare the remedy; Take apple cider vinegar and mix it with hot water. Make sure the amount of vinegar is equal to that of hot water.

Once the mixture is done, apply it all over the scalp, let stand for a while and properly massage the head for a while, and rinse correctly.

You can also L’rinse. To do this, simply fill a bottle half D’water and half vinegar (you can even add a few drops of’lemon essential oils renowned for their purifying properties) and rinse your hair with the mixture after your shampoo.

Baking soda

Soda bicarbonate is a multi-purpose product used both for cleaning, and the kitchen through gardening. This product can Exfoliate your scalp and alleviate your dandruff problems. You can l’Use as a pre-shampoo by applying 4 teaspoons of bicarbonate to your wet hair and massaging your skull evenly as you would with a shampoo, before rinse well.

Then make your shampoo as usual.

Neem’s leaves

Neem’s leaves are recognized as’Natural antiseptics. They make it possible to effectively fight against lice, itching and dandruff and are often the basis of hair henna and vegetable colors. To reduce your itching and dandruff, you can therefore use this remedy.

For this you can Let the leaves infuse in the’boiling water Before letting cool. Use L’Water from the concoction in your henna mixtures or simply as a care and rinsing water.

Lemon juice against dandruff

As we told you with essential lemon oils, this fruit has long been renowned for its purifying virtues. They allow’clean up the scalp, at a lower cost. With simple lemon juice, you can fight against dandruff.

Massage your hair with this lemon juice and let stand for at least 10 minutes before rinsing it. This remedy will decrease the itching effect created by dandruff.

Moreover, Your diet will not help reduce dandruff which are mainly caused by fungi or inflammatory diseases. However, you can limit hair loss with food. For this, favor a diet rich in certain nutrients favoring growth such as iron, zinc or magnesium, as well as group B vitamins (lentils, vegetables, fish, etc.))