How to arrange a accommodation for a senior ?

In France, the majority of seniors would prefer to spend their old days in their own accommodation. However, they tend to underestimate the effects of time on their motor capacity. As a result, the elderly do not always take the necessary precautions for Avoid domestic accidents.

It is however easy to limit the risks with a development and suitable equipment.

What accommodation for accommodation is essential for seniors ?

Home falls are too frequent and particularly dangerous in seniors. With age, they can actually cause dramatic sequelae on the physical and psychological level. These domestic accidents cause injuries, threads, fractures … They can even cause trauma leading to the loss of autonomy of an elderly person.

Falls are thus one of the first targets of your development work. In addition, their main causes are easily identifiable and avoidable, for example:

  • Unsecured steps;
  • Poorly lit pieces;
  • Unsuitable sanitary facilities;
  • An unlimited bed (too low or too high);
  • Slipping or irregular soil;
  • A congested environment;
  • A poorly fixed carpet.

You will therefore have to spot and solve these problems. It is just as important toAnticipate the possible mobility reduction of the occupant.

The staircase

The femur pass fractures are often caused by a fall on the stairs. However, the elderly can rarely cure these serious trauma. To avoid accidents, you must make the steps less slippery and more visible. Think in particular of:

  • Install a handrail;
  • Painting steps or forecasts to create a contrast effect;
  • Place non -slip bands on the steps;
  • Reorganize the lighting to remove any shadow area;
  • Regularly check the integrity and stability of the stairs.

You can also eliminate any risk by adopting a staircase. In addition, the equipment improves the level of comfort of daily seniors. Climbing the steps tends to become more trying with age.

The bathroom

Like the stairs, the bathroom often causes falls with serious, even deadly, consequences, for seniors. You must therefore pay particular attention to it. It will be necessary in particular Improve the adhesion of surfaces and provide support to limit the risk of sliding. Concretely, put:

  • Non -slip tiles or plastic floor coverings;
  • Non -slip carpets in the shower or at the bottom of the bathtub;
  • A support bar to secure access to the bathtub;
  • A wall seat in the shower;
  • A mixer instead of taps;
  • A booster with handles on the toilet bowl.

Also consider deleting the most problematic installations. Many caregivers recommend, for example, to prefer the Italian shower to the bathtub. Indeed, there is a myriad in ways of sliding and falling with the latter.

Home automation

Home automation represents a great ally of the elderly. It helps to facilitate many everyday gestures and guarantee the autonomy of seniors. In addition, compatible equipment is increasing thanks to new technologies. You can now:

  • Motorize the openings (swing shutters, gates, garage door, etc.);
  • Automate many tasks (closure/opening of shutters, extinction of lights, heating adjustment, etc.);
  • Centralize lighting management throughout parts with a dedicated tool;
  • Set up lights with motion detector in the garden;
  • Adopt planters with adjustable height outside or on the terrace;
  • Use storage of remote controls.

The objective here is to limit travel and height manipulation. According to the occupant’s profile, also think of smart alert systems. It will be necessary to regularly cancel predefined actions (call for emergency services, caregivers, relatives, etc.).

If the user does not act, the device will automatically contact the planned numbers.

Home automation

The bed

In the room, you must above all make Limit travel. It will therefore be necessary to allow the user to access all the commands available from the bed. This initiative will be clearly facilitated by an efficient home automation ecosystem.

In addition, you will have to reduce the distance between the bed, the W.VS. and the bathroom. If necessary, set up a new room near the water rooms.

Also favor a bed at a height of about 60 cm. Thus, it will be high enough to avoid bending your back, but not too much in the event of a fall. You must also create a clear space near the bed.

In this way, the senior is not likely to hit the wall or stumble on objects by drowsiness. Finally, work the brightness so as to prevent accidents and improve the quality of sleep.