16 garden plants with flowers resistant to the sun

What are the solar plants ? If you ask yourself this question because you want to decorate your terrace, garden or land with a lot of sun, you are in the right place. In Greenecology, we give you a list of plants that resist the sun and’exterior, even with a few fresh and precious flowers that will brighten up this part of your home. Good that’There are many plants that flourish in summer, all cannot withstand many hours of sun, even less if c’is a place where the sun is strong, but there are a few species that can.

Note these 16 garden plants with flowers resistant to the sun, with names and photos.

Marguerites, garden plants with more sun -resistant flower

What are the most sun -resistant plants ? The common margueres or bellis perennis are undoubtedly among the first plants of’exterior that perfectly resist the sun. These characteristics of white flowers at yellow or orange center are very common in a large part of the planet and C’is because c’is a very resistant species. These are white flowers for garden ideal for lighting this part of your home.

As these are very resistant plants, the care they need are few and simple, you can have them in the sun or in semi-final and water them with a certain frequency, without needing to’a large quantity of’water. We will tell you more about Daisy Care in this other article by Greenecology.

Hibiscus or hibiscus

Another plant resistant to direct sunlight is the’hibiscus. With red flowers, like L’Image below, white, pink, yellow, oranges, etc., vs’is L’One of the plants which, during the hot season, in spring and summer, flourish spectacularly and with large and colorful flowers. Thus, the hibiscus resist very well in the sun and, in fact, they need’direct light to push well, although the hottest days of the’year, it is preferable to provide a sunny and shaded place, especially if it coincides with the moment when the plant is full of flowers.

Buganvilla or Bugambilia

Another plant resistant to the sun for terraces and gardens included in this list is Bougainvillier, Bougainvillier or Bougainvillier. VS’is a plant that can push a lot and completely cover the walls or the walls, although’It can be perfectly preserved in a large pot.

There are varieties with pink, purple, white or red flowers, as in the’Image below. In addition, as flowering progresses, in the center of each flower is a smaller part, like a small flower, white or light yellow.

It is practical to place it in a sunny place in the garden because it needs a lot of sun. Here we will tell you more about the Bugambilla.

Geraniums some garden plants with flowers very resistant to the sun

Geranium is the’One of the plants’the best known sun -resistant to the sun, especially in regions like the’Spain, and you can see it on almost all terraces, windows, balconies and gardens. VS’is undoubtedly another of the flower plants more resistant to the sun, which also offers a large color because there are very varied tones. You can have pink geraniums in different shades, red, white or color combinations, as in the’Image below.

In addition, c’is one of the plants that flowers all’year.

As it is very resistant to external conditions, in particular heat and sun, it does not require’very demanding interview.

One of the resistant flowers for your sunny garden that you want to have for its appearance, smell and meaning are roses. There are many different varieties of roses, so c’is a good idea to discover before you buy one that are the most common types of roses, naturally, in the sector in which you live. You can plant large varieties or pitiminí or miniatures roses. These are plants that need a lot of’hours of sun and which support the heat well.

In addition, they are available in many colors and with more or less intense aromas.

Here are some tips for the’maintenance of’a rosebush.

16 garden plants with flowers resistant to the sun – Roses

Verbena is l’One of the most clarifying solar plants, Puse has a lot of flowers and very colorful, also tends to flower in greater numbers from the end of spring to the end of the’summer. There are varieties with pink, white, red, purple, yellow and blue flowers. They need little’water, so they are ideal for very sunny and a little dry places, in fact they need enough sun to push well and’water almost every day during the hot seasons, but in hours which no longer give the direct sun, and the rest of the’year with watering twice a week will be sufficient.

16 garden plants with flowers resistant to the sun – Verbena

Eyelets, plants that resist a lot of sun

If you are looking for plants that can support the direct sun, which are pretty and which have lively tones, the eyelets can be a good choice for you. In L’Image we see pink eyelets, intense color, but there are many more colors like white, red, yellow,’orange or combinations of these tones. In addition, there are very diverse species, since the’Typical eyelet of the Iberian Peninsula N’is not the same as l’Indes eyelet.

Here you can know more about the culture of the’Indes eyelet.

16 garden plants with flowers resistant to the sun – Eyelets, plants that can withstand a lot of sun

Lavender, sun -resistant flower plant

Lavender is a plant known worldwide, especially for its aroma, because it is widely used in cosmetic products and’hygiene, as well as in natural deodorants. Its lilac or purple flowers adorn the garden or terrace of’A spectacular way, because they are very small but there are large quantities together. As C’is a plant that usually grows in extensive fields, it needs a lot of sun to push well, so it is very resistant to the direct sun, but it must also be watered at least twice a week.

In addition, c’is L’one of the easiest solar plants to maintain the whole’year, because if you live in a region where the’winter is fresh, don’t worry, this plant will hold out because it is also one of the plants’exterior resistant to cold and’shadow.

16 garden plants with flowers resistant to the sun – Lavender, plant with flowers resistant to the sun

Petunias are beautiful flowers that require little’water, much less than other flowers of the same style. Petunias push the whole’year and are available in a variety of colors to beautify your garden during the 365 days of the’year. There are with pink, purple, white, red, yellow flowers and with a diversity of color combinations in each flower.

These flowers although’They support well with little’water, which yes what they need is the sun, because they are plants with flowers resistant to the direct sun, and a well -drained earth to be able to survive. So, if you are looking for plants for a sunny garden, we recommend, among other things, petunias.

16 garden plants with flowers resistant to the sun – Petunias

Gazania is a plant with a curious name is a flower d’South Africa and is a beautiful flower that you can find in tones’orange, yellow, red, white, pink and many combinations of these. VS’is a plant with flowers very tolerant in the sun and the heat and the best thing is that’She requires very little care and that’It is always kept precious. They are ideal for having in your garden because’He will need’Enough sun to be able to grow strong and pretty.

16 garden plants with flowers resistant to the sun – Gazania

Although the Dutch tulips are very famous, they are’Asian origin. These are plants that grow wonderfully in the sun and mid-shade, and their flowers are resistant to the sun, offering a spectacular landscape in the fields in the spring. So, for your sunny garden, you can choose from the different shades of flowers such as purple, yellow, red,’orange, pink, white, among d’others.

Learn how to plant tulips in pots here.

16 garden plants with flowers resistant to the sun – Tulips

The antirrhinum majus plant, also called dragon mouths, small dragons, rabbits, lion mouths, calves, bottle openers, antirrhinum, among so many D’other names, is a species of’Mediterranean origin. It is recommended in temperate climates, but this flower plant resists very well in the sun, so that’It can be located in very sunny areas. However, it does not resist frost, so it is suitable as one of the plants for sunny gardens most of the’year or all’year.

The Dragon’s Mouth flowers from spring to the’fall and its flowers can be very diverse colors, white and yellow to the’Orange, red, pink and purple, there are also combinations of these can be seen together two or more tones or colors See the lighter color in the center and s’darken at the ends of the petals.

16 garden plants with flowers resistant to the sun – Dragon or rabbit mouth

Dahlias or Dahlias must be in full sun, so they are ideal for a garden in summer. However, they need’an abundant watering, which must be done during the hours when the sun does not give them, to the’dawn or twilight. The flowers contrast a lot with the light green of its leaves and we can find dahlias with white, yellow, orange, red, pink, lilac, purple and multicolored flowers with combinations of those mentioned.

16 garden plants with flowers resistant to the sun – Dahlia or Dahlia

They’ACT D’a variety of the joys of the house, so that’They have a similar look and care. They have leaves and stems D’A very intense green and very colorful flowers that occupy all the glass of the plant, which is why they are very cheerful for the view, from there its name. Guinean alegrías can be seen with white, red, roses, lilacs, oranges and with tones mixed between these tones, for example white and lilac.

They flourish all the’summer.

They resist the sun well, both for their light and for their heat. They need’a very sunny place, although’it is advised d’have a little half-sun during the hours when it is the strongest.

16 garden plants with flowers resistant to the sun – Guinean joys

Cannas, also called Canna Indica, Achira, Sago, Biri, Indian cane or Yerba del Rosario, are plants from’Latin America, mainly Brazil, therefore flower plants resistant to sun and heat. In fact, they can be cultivated in tropical and subtropical temperate areas, they do not tolerate cold.

You can find examples with red, yellow, orange and white flowers and mixtures of these. In addition, these tones contrast strongly with the intense green of their stems and leaves, which makes them very beautiful to decorate the sunny exteriors.

16 garden plants with flowers resistant to the sun – Cannas

Finally, we recommend planting gerberas. These plants, although’They cannot be at the’outdoor all l’year because’They do not resist frost or low temperatures, they are perfect for hot months. These are plants with flowers that can very well resist the sun and, in fact, they need it in abundance to push well.

Good that’at l’today, there are varieties for sale in certain places that have been created to be able to be resistant to’exterior throughout the’year.

You can choose from a variety of shades, such as white, red, red, red, orange and yellow, among others. You may also be interested in learning more about the techniques of reproduction of the gerbera in this other article.