Price D’A cremation: should you turn to low cost funeral pumps ?

In France, a budget must be provided enough to organize funeral, especially if the deceased does not have a pension contract. Indeed, the prices charged on the funeral market have soared since its liberalization in 1998. In this context, more and more people plan to turn to low cost funeral pumps. Is this a good idea ? The point on this subject !

What is the average price of’a cremation ?

According to some popular ideas, the Price of a cremation is lower than those related to burial. It is not so. Indeed, it takes an average of 4,000 euros to incinerate a deceased, against 3,800 euros to bury it. This price includes compulsory services, namely:

  • Beer;
  • The coffin provided with 4 handles and a waterproof garnish;
  • Funeral transport in a vehicle with’a refrigerated or hearse box;
  • Cremation and the cinĂ©raire urn.

The Crematorium prices greatly influence the price of incineration. In addition, the cost of funeral with incineration varies from one locality to another. It can go from simple to double depending on the region.

What is the average price for cremation?

Why is it interesting to make an online quote ?

You should know that the funeral operators establish their free prices. It is therefore good for making a comparison before choosing a provider. For this, it is necessary to request a quote.

Since January 1, 2011, funeral agencies have the obligation to provide a quote based on a standard document to ensure the transparency of their services. This must understand:

  • 8 sections which detail the various services of the funeral directory operator;
  • 3 columns that distinguish compulsory services, optional services and services provided on behalf of third parties.

the funeral quote is issued free of charge and does not involve any commitment to families. NOT’do not hesitate to seek one with an operator of Online funeral pumps. This solution has a major advantage. Make an online quote will save you from losing hours to consult directories to find contact with funeral agencies.

In a few clicks, you can send a request to find out the price of a cremation to the various funeral directors located near you.

Low cost funeral pumps: the right compromise ?

Given the Cost of funerals in France, demand for low cost funeral has been increasing for several years. In parallel, the funeral pump agencies which offer more affordable services are becoming more and more numerous. To reduce their prices, these companies offer a formula which includes only compulsory funeral services.

Customers nevertheless keep the possibility of adding options for a supplement.

Low cost funeral pumps: the right compromise?

Low cost does not necessarily mean low -end. It all depends on the chosen funeral operator. In particular, it is necessary to turn to a provider recognized as funerary ecoplus. Considering a pioneer on the inexpensive funeral market, this network of funeral pumps has always strives to offer the best value for money to its customers.

The price of a low cost cremation practiced by Ecoplus funerary amounts to 1,790 euros including tax. This offer covers:

  • Carrying out administrative procedures before funeral;
  • The supply of a coffin that meets regulatory requirements;
  • Beer;
  • The provision of a hearse with driver;
  • The supply of a cinĂ©raire urn to collect the ashes of the deceased;
  • The provision for cremation, either all or part of the costs induced by cremation. These are fixed by the company responsible for the management of the crematorium;
  • The vacation to remunerate the national police which is requested to monitor the closure and the installation of seals on the coffin within the framework of a cremation.

The low cost formula proposed by Ecoplus funeral also includes the support of a professional in the organization of funeral. Indeed, the funeral agency wishes to allow its customers to cope as serenely as possible in the painful stage that is the loss of a loved one.