Consuming in bulk: how put there ?

Retail consumption of everyday products has become increasingly popular in recent years. In the wake of more responsible consumption, bulk is gaining a special place in the hearts of today's consumers. And for good reason, this approach offers many advantages, even if they also require some adaptations.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of bulk consumption ?

Consuming retail offers multiple benefits, particularly in terms of responsible consumption. This is what explains why the principle was first democratized in organic stores.

The first advantage of the detail, c’is here waste reduction. As the proportions are no longer conditioned, we buy only the desired quantities. To make a cake, for example, you no longer need to take a pocket of a kilo of sugar that will sleep at the back of the cupboard.

Take the desired amount of bulk sugar and leave with only what you need.

The second advantage of the detail, c’is that it allows discover new foods more easily and new flavors. Where the large quantities present in packaged products hinder consumers from trying new things, retail products allow you to taste any food in small quantities… and why not come back to it if you like.

Finally, the detail rsignificantly reduces packaging. Who says less packaging says tons of plastic saved, which helps to make our consumption more responsible. Most stores that offer bulk products offer you to bring your own containers.

Finally, the’absence of packaging also means the absence of superficial and sometimes borderline marketing present on the packaging.

The two points to be careful of when consuming at retail are: hygiene and the weighing of food. Hygiene, because unpackaged food can be handled by staff and customers. It is up to you to monitor the condition of the store and the container before using it. For the weighing of food, check that the container is not too heavy. You may have to pay more for your container (which you already own) than the products purchased inside.

To avoid these problems, it is quite possible to order bulk online and to be served to the nearest gram, with food stored outside of freely accessible stores.

What foods to buy in bulk ?

The most widespread bulk products are obviously the fruits and vegetables, bread, or cut products such as meat and cheese. This is the "historic" activity of bulk, the one that has been embedded in our mores for a few generations now.

Then come the dry food, such as loose nuts or almonds, cereals or dried fruits. They can be found in all organic stores and specialty grocery stores. There are also some processed products such as cookies or chocolate chips in bulk.

Retail products generally advocate the work of producers in the region and offer the customer to eat local For completely reasonable prices.

Finally, the cosmetic products and interviews are increasingly available in the various stores specializing in detail. We find creams or even laundry everywhere for a few months.

Our advice to start the bulk

Once your products are purchased, there are a few rules to respect to be sure to keep your food well. Choose your containers well Depending on the size and weight. Labe them to easily find you there. Remember to clean them well between each use and not fill them again without maintaining them, even S’They are not completely empty. Avoid pests that can spoil food in your storage space.

Then respect the recommended shelf life for each food. Even if the latter is no longer specified directly on the product, you can easily find this information on the internet or from professionals.