7 tips for choosing the right shirt

The shirt is unequivocally an essential part of the men’s and women’s wardrobe. A symbol of elegance and charisma, it is also a great base for creating your everyday looks. This is why you must carefully choose your fashion piece. Among the plethora of shirts on the market, it is not always easy to spot a quality cut and a becoming shape.

Here are our tips for find your perfect shirt essential for your wardrobe.

7 rules for choosing your shirt

Choosing a shirt is not an easy task. For this, seven criteria must be taken into consideration: the cut of the shirt, the material, the collar and the sleeves, the occasion for which you want to wear it, the color, the price and the maintenance. Choose reference brands such as Ollygan to find quality shirts.

The cut of the shirt

In humans, we distinguish three main categories of shirt cuts. First of all the straight cut, the most classic cut. Particularly fashionable in the 80s, the straight shirt appealed to many men wishing to sport a vintage look. It is also the type of shirt to favor if you want to wear the open shirt over a t-shirt for a casual style.

This straight shirt is suitable for most body types. However, it should be avoided for men who are too thin, as it could engulf the figure. Conversely, it is particularly harmonious for a man with some curves.

For thinner men with more developed shoulders, the preferred cut is the fitted cut. It is very close to the body and fitted at the waist and back and adjusted at the level of the arms. However, be careful when choosing the size, a fitted shirt that is too narrow would be unsightly.

For an elegant in-between, opt for a fitted cut which, if it emphasizes the shoulders, takes on scope at the level of the belly.

The material

To choose your garment, you must also take into account the shirt fabric. Prefer quality materials that will provide hold and aesthetics to your outfit. Among the materials to favor cotton. Where the effect and quality differ is at the time of weaving.

We recommend poplin shirts, probably the best known. This fine weave with a silky finish is particularly refined. Poplin is also ideally worn in a professional context. You will also find the end to end, this weave made with two threads of nuanced colors will give contrast and texture to your room. If you want a more casual and thicker men’s shirt, bet on Oxford weaving.

On a daily basis and depending on the style you want to wear, you can also choose linen for the summer, denim or even flannel.

The collar and the sleeves

The collar is an essential element to consider in the choosing a shirt. This is what gives the shirt its stature and character. It must therefore be particularly neat and clean and have good support.

The collar also corresponds to the look you want to give to your outfit, if you wear a tie bet on a French collar or Italian collar, more open, but just as sophisticated. For a more casual style, opt for a more sober and loose American collar. You can also play on originality with a dandy collar, an officer collar or a mandarin collar, without flaps, for a look that is light and characterful.

The collar and the sleeves

Emphasis should also be on the sleeves. The seam of the latter must start from the acromioclavicular at the end of the shoulder for a fitted fall. If you opt for long sleeves, the length of the latter must be able to exceed by 1.5 to 3 centimeters the length of the sleeves of your jacket, at the level of the wrists, to be harmonious.

Also pay attention to the quality of the seams and buttons.


The choice of your shirt must also consider the occasion for which it will be worn. You can’t decently wear the same shirt to go to work, as for casual wear or a wedding. For a dressier silhouette, be sure to choose a shirt that matches your suit, tie, bow tie or even your cufflinks. If you are looking for a more casual shirt for everyday wear, anything goes ! Express your tastes in terms of material, color and shape.

You can also opt for shirts with less hold to be able to roll up the sleeves and sport a modern and trendy look.

The colour

the choose your shirt color matches your outfit. However, we recommend a few basic colors that will go perfectly with all styles. First of all the white shirt, a timeless and essential piece of the men’s wardrobe, it can be worn in all circumstances and is particularly luminous. The sky blue shirt is also a basic, however it tends to be assimilated to a professional setting.

However, it is very trendy worn with the sleeves rolled up with raw jeans. For the rest, it’s up to you to express your personality in full color and why not let yourself be tempted by the patterns.

The colour

The price

The shirt like any timeless piece is sold at all prices in the trade. Betting on an excessively expensive shirt is not always the right solution. Prefer to try and rely on the fall of the shirt on you as well as the quality of the fabrics used.

In short, if you follow the advice given above, you can find shirts made for you at very affordable prices.


Once you have found your ideal shirt, you will have to worry about its maintenance. If the shirts are generally washed between 30 and 40 degrees, follow the instructions prescribed by the label to avoid damaging your clothes. We advise you to let your shirt air dry. For a flawless finish, don’t forget to iron a shirt before wearing it.

And last tip, watch out for the beard, it tends to wear out shirt collars over time.