How to get good sleep ?

For get a good sleep, there is an effective routine to put in place. So, if you suffer from insomnia, if you no longer want to suffer from these nocturnal awakenings that disturb your nights and make you amorphous during the day. Follow these 7 tips to improve the quality of your sleep !

What routine to find a good sleep ?

For get a good sleep and restore your biological clock, quickly adopt these few tips that you can find on the Biododo website.Fr. !

Create a calming environment

To sleep well, you must first review your environment. The atmosphere of your bedroom must be a call to sleep and for that, it must be:

  • Calm : noise is the enemy of sleep, so try to soundproof your room as much as possible. You can for example put double glazing or invest in soundproofing curtains.
  • Dark : to increase your melatonin levels, you must sleep in the dark. The level of this hormone which promotes falling asleep, drops in the light so to benefit from a longer and more qualitative sleep, turn off the lights and close the shutters.
  • Temperate : your bedroom should be neither too hot nor too cold to have a good night’s sleep. Heat delays falling asleep and causes micro-awakenings. As for the cold, it does not promote good sleep either. The ideal is to keep your bedroom around 16°C for restful sleep.
  • airy : good ventilation cleans the atmosphere and oxygenates the brain at night. Remember to air your room 5 to 10 minutes before going to bed !

No screen 2 hours before bedtime

The blue light emitted by the screens (smartphone, tablet and computer) is an exciting that inhibits melatonin production. This blue light will therefore increase the level of awakening and it is insomnia guaranteed !

Come up at one regular hour

So that your internal clock regains a good balance, respect a regular sleep rhythm. It is important to get up and go to bed every day at the same time. And listen to your body when it shows signs of fatigue (yawning, air blinking, heavy eyelids, etc.).


If excessive light is to be avoided in the evening, taking a sunbathing is perfect for finding a good sleep. The sun promoting the secretion of melatonin, it will therefore facilitate falling asleep. On the other hand, avoid exposing yourself at the end of the day so as not to delay hormonal production and have the opposite effect.


Avoid alcohol before sleeping

If alcohol can promote sleep at low dose, excessive alcohol consumption does not allow you to have a peaceful sleep and recovery. If indeed you will fall asleep easily in the first half of the night, alcohol reduces REM sleep in the second half of the night. In addition to disrupting sleep cycles, alcohol also has other effects on sleep: increased insomnia, headaches upon waking, worsening sleep apnea and increased snoring.

Practice a physical activity

Don’t think that doing sports in the evening will exhaust you and allow you to fall into a deep sleep, quite the contrary ! Some sports activities are exciting and will stimulate your brain instead of calming it down. On the other hand, if you want to reach the arms of Morpheus easily, a meditation or yoga session is an excellent idea !

A good diet

To sleep well and avoid sleep disorders, adopt a healthy diet to sleep !

So don’t eat:

  • Too sour : acidic foods are often synonymous with gastric reflux and therefore burning of the esophagus when lying down.
  • Too heavy : a hearty meal in the evening will slow down digestion and lead to cramps and bloating.
  • Too light : if you go to bed hungry, you risk waking up during the night hungry and hungry.

Also avoid caffeine (coffee and tea) before going to sleep.

Finally : getting a good sleep is essential to have a good day. If our advice is not enough, you can also try hypnosis or sophrology.