My Veggie: l’French food supplement company

It's not always easy to find a time slot in your day to take care of yourself ? myVeggie brand ambassadors take care of you with personalized support, advice, recipe ideas and a wide choice of food supplements, easy to incorporate into your diet. Hair loss, daily fatigue, sleep or digestion problems ? Discover the benefits of these food supplements, combined with these alternative medicines that naturally take care of you.

Myveggie: Presentation of the French brand

Located in St-Etienne, south of the Auvergne region – Rhône – Alps, the French brand Myveggie is a must of dietary supplement, To integrate without delay in your daily routine. With a technology directly inspired by the pharmaceutical industry, Myveggie food supplements are offered to you in their galenic form: microgranules colored ensure a progressive, gradual or continuous diffusion of their active ingredients in your body. Mainly composed ofnatural ingredients (plants, mushrooms, minerals and vitamins), these microgranules respect strict regulations allowing them to obtain these 2 certifications:

  • Label Eve Vegan: fundamental principles of veganism (respect for animals, the environment and human health);
  • Brand AB: 100% organic products or made up of at least 95% organic products if they are transformed.

With this philosophy ethical and responsible, taking care of your body and your mind becomes a true non-guilty pleasure with myVeggie products. Trust the brand ambassadors with your eyes closed: thanks to personalized support, choose natural, quality products and above all, adapted to your needs and your objectives.

Focus on the brand's food supplements

You will inevitably find the ideal product among the wide range of food supplements from the myVeggie brand. Shop online according to your interest:

  • joints;
  • hair, skin and nails;
  • venous circulation;
  • detox and drainage;
  • digestion and transit;
  • energy and vitality;
  • immune system ;
  • concentration and memory;
  • women's health;
  • relaxing;
  • sleep ;
  • vitamins and minerals;
  • promotions and news.

Available in bottles of around sixty capsules or boxes, myVeggie microgranules are easy to ingest (mixed in yogurt or compote for example) and very effective: one myVeggie capsule would be equivalent to 2 or even 5 traditional food supplement capsules. Do you know the benefits of turmeric, the effects of sun fungus on your body or the food that contains the most vitamin C ? Consult now the list of all the ingredients and natural assets used in myVeggie recipes, on the official page of the French brand. Delivered between 48 and 72 hours, shipping costs are free from 35€ of purchase. Opt for example for:

  • myVeggie Digestion: 60 capsules (2/day) at €9.45, to improve intestinal transit and relieve bloating;
  • Digestion box & Detox: 2 bottles of 60 capsules (2/day) including 1 myveggie digestion, at 34 € to facilitate digestion, detoxify and purify the body and drain excess water;
  • Hair growth box: 4 bottles of 60 capsules at € 77.90 to stimulate hair and nails growth, strengthen and revitalize them.

Alternative medicine: why do you do you good ?

Practiced for centuries, the alternative medicine is a alternative to traditional medicine, which offers you turele, thanks to the active ingredients contained in plants, fruits, minerals, etc. Be vigilant when you consult an alternative practitioner: only doctors registered in the advice of the order of doctors can for example prescribe drugs or diagnose any disease. You can notably consult professionals in the following areas: homeopathy, naturopathy, acupuncture, hypnotherapy, sophrology, reflexology, etc.

Respecting the triple natural balance of our organism, the Myveggie food supplements support you on a physical, psychological and environmental level and adapt perfectly to alternative medicine. Natural medicines make it possible to prevent and treat certain disorders or affections of our daily life:

  • stress and anxiety;
  • sleeping troubles ;
  • dietary deficiencies;
  • weakened immune system;
  • difficult intestinal transit;
  • headache ;
  • back problems ;
  • joint pain ;
  • skin conditions;
  • hair loss ;
  • etc.

By adopting a healthy lifestyle combining good daily hydration, a healthy and balanced diet and the practice of a regular sport, you preserve your health in the long term. Sometimes difficult to put into practice, myVeggie natural food supplements are easily and simply integrated into your daily rituals and keep you in shape day after day.