7 tips for choosing health insurance

L’membership in a scheme’health insurance constitutes today’now a legal obligation. VS’has even become a necessity for anyone. However, the’all health costs cannot be covered by Social Security. VS’is the case for specialized care, which very often leads to cost overruns’fees.

The subscription of’a mutual health insurance then makes it possible to reimburse all or part of the co-payment (part not reimbursed). To help you, here are our 7 pro tips for choosing the right health insurance.

Define and assess your health coverage needs

Care is the’one of the largest items of household expenditure. The subscription of’complementary health insurance’is therefore useful for optimize your health budget. A so-called classic mutual can cost you around 1,100 € per year for a family of 4, compared to 2,600 € per year for a couple over 60. The list of less well-reimbursed shares grows longer each year.

Almost 94% of people residing in France have a health mutual. The subscription of’such insurance can’to carry out :

  • either individually,
  • either via a collective contract proposed by an employer.

A mutual health insurance must be adapted to your needs in order to’avoid the risk of non-reimbursement of your health acts. Before making your choice, find out about the terms of reimbursement as well as the guarantees offered by your current contract. It is possible to modify it if the terms do not suit your needs.

To choose the right health insurance, you must take into account the fact that each person is unequal in relation to health costs. Needs vary significantly depending on the’state of health and’age of individuals covered by your insurance. It is therefore preferable to choose guarantees adapted to your situation (dental problems, consultation of specialists, glasses…).

You can even subscribe to a reinforced coverage if this need is justified.

health mutual choice

Use a health insurance comparator

Subscribe to health insurance by’intermediate d’an online comparator is now’now a common procedure. In just a few clicks, you will find an offer perfectly adapted to your health needs. For example, thanks to Konpare, you can compare the offers of’the most advantageous insurance on the market. To that s’add d’other undeniable attractions.

A varied choice

By using an online comparator, you benefit above all from the varied choice offered in terms of mutual health insurance. This kind of platform generally works in partnership with several companies’insurance. So you can discover the contracts’most competitive insurance.

This allows you to save time and find the formula that best suits your health budget as well as’to your expectations.

A personalized offer

L’use of’a complementary health comparator facilitates your comparison. The latter can’elsewhere be personalized according to your profile d’insured and your coverage needs. L’self-made tool comparison of mutual insurance contracts. All you have to do is fill out a specific questionnaire beforehand.

Different formulas will then be offered to you via the platform. However, you should carefully read the details and information contained in these contracts.

A service of’quality support

An online comparative tool allows you to find the most interesting mutual health insurance for your situation. You access a list of contracts classified by increasing prices. This ranking also takes into account the coverage/price ratio.

It is however possible that you do not understand all the terms exposed or that you are not sure of the choice. VS’is there that’intervenes the service of’support that can be offered by your comparator.

On this type of platform, you actually benefit from several services, including a’assistance. Experts in mutual health insurance can advise you and guide you in your choice of contract. You can then take the time to’optimize your search by responding more precisely to the needs questionnaire. Among the main elements to consider are:

  • the main risks to be covered,
  • guarantees,
  • usual health expenses,
  • any future costs.

A practical solution

Comparing different complementary health offers on a single platform makes your life easier. You n’you no longer need to consult the sites of the companies one by one’health insurance. You also avoid trips to physical agencies. Simply Connect to the online comparison and configure your search options.

Once the contract is chosen, the subscription can’Remote within 24 to 48 hours.

Pay attention to the guarantees and services of the health insurance contract

Companies D’insurance and mutual health insurance offer special guarantees and services in their contracts. You must study them meticulously to avoid a subscription error. You can for example consider the choice of’An offer supports your vaccines.

A mutual health offering assistance if hospitalization occurs can also be interesting. This type of contract can notably provide you with’A daycare service’Children and/or D’housekeeper.

Important note: Social Security does not always take care of all care. This is in particular the case of’A consultation with a dietitian, d’an osteopathy,’smoking cessation or alternative medicine. You must therefore check that your contract of mutual health insurance offers coverage for this care.

Choose a transparent contract regarding reimbursements

Reimbursements offered by a mutual health insurance take many forms. We essentially distinguish:

  • reimbursements on an annual basis,
  • refunds in euros,
  • reimbursements in percentages.

Without special knowledge,’analysis of these data’often turns out to be complex. Comparing mutuals is still a good option, however. It’s even you possible to make a reimbursement simulation.

Pay particular attention to the reimbursement of optical and dental care.

Do not neglect the waiting period and the repayment period

The waiting period refers to the period during which the guarantees’A contract are not applicable, specifically optical or dental repayments. This period can s’work over several months. D’where l’Interest D’meticulous verification before changing your contract. Because your health costs can be relatively substantial, the’ideal is to choose a company D’Insurance able to reimburse you quickly.

The best is D’Opt for a health mutual insurance company with a reimbursement period not exceeding 48 hours.

Health mutual advice

Do not bet only on the notoriety of’an insurer

There are today a wide range of mutuals or’agencies’insurance benefiting from’an excellent reputation. However, they do not always offer the most attractive quality/service/price ratio. Less known mutuals can offer you health insurance with similar guarantees. You can even make around 30% D’savings on these contracts.

Notoriety should not always take precedence during your research.

Of course, the reputation of’an insurer can be useful data to guide your choice. You can check it using’Internet. VS’is also a good solution for learn more about customer service’an agency.

With this in mind, the best approach is to consult the platforms of’consumer reviews.

Upgrade your contract

Your health needs often change over time. A mutual health insurance’advantage of not freezing these needs. You can then increase or decrease guarantees of your complementary health.

Then all you have to do is play the competition so that your annual premium is reduced.

Note: a medical questionnaire may be required by some agencies’insurance. The goal is to offer you a personalized price. However, you must take into account the fact that this can affect your profile.

If you are judged « at risk » after I’analysis of your state of health, your insurer may increase your premium’insurance.