Well-being: 3 original ways D’Use CBD

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a substance from hemp, a plant from the same family as cannabis. The product is essentially defined by its low THC content. This is the psychoactive molecule of cannabis.

The CBD thus allows you to take advantage of the latter’s wellness assets without the drug effects. As a result, it is authorized for sale and promotes the diversification of methods of use.

3 original ways to use CBD

Cannabidiol quickly democratized in the territories authorizing its sale and consumption like France. Competition has also intensified in this market in full development. Therefore, producers are constantly looking for a Original way to use CBD.

So you can see on The Greenstore A myriad of options to take advantage of the virtues of this product.

Hemp flower represents the best known method for consuming CBD. This option makes it possible to directly extract the substance from its natural source. Thus, you can limit the transformations and possible losses of cannabidiol molecules. However, you will have to control the characteristics of this plant to dip it at low temperature in milk or oil.

The same goes for the infusion. That said, neophytes have ready-to-eat products such as:

  • CBD concentrates;
  • The oils ;
  • Vapes (e-liquids, aromas, complete vapers, etc.);
  • The infusions;
  • Patches;
  • capsules.

Today, CBD can be found in the form of essential oils, food and dietary supplements or cosmetic products. All that remains is to choose your favorite concept among the different ways of consuming cannabidiol.

The anti-stress roll-on

The anti-stress roll-on is a original way to use CBD daily. Apply to temples, wrists or solar plexus to help you relax. This product contains CBD and essential oils chosen for their soothing properties. Plant extracts also accentuate the natural anti-stress virtues of cannabidiol.

You will be able to calm your anxiety with the roll-on.

You can apply the ball directly to your skin to soothe your stress at work or at home. In addition, its active ingredients are complementary and help effectively manage anxiety -provoking environments. The product can contain various relaxing substances such as lavender or bitter orange extracts.

These molecules are recognized to calm temporary nervous nervous.

To take advantage of its effects, do not forget to stir the bottle before use. Then roll the ball 3 to 4 times on the desired area (temples, inside of the wrists, necks or solar plexus). This gesture can be performed punctually or on a 30 -day cure.

On the other hand, the product is not recommended for children and pregnant women.

The bath bomb

The bath bomb is perfect if you are looking for a Original way to use CBD. It actually associates the wellness assets of cannabidiol, bath salts and extracts of soothing plants. In other words, the product promotes muscle relaxation as well as the reduction of inflammation and stress.

CBD is also recognized for its anti-stress and anti-inflammatory properties.

Due to its relaxing effects, the bath bomb will help you fall asleep more easily. It concretely concentrates the soothing virtues of cannabidiol, selected plants and bath salts (magnesium sulfate). The chosen scent is also conducive to relaxation before going to bed.

In contact with water, the product dissolves and releases all its active molecules in the form of excitement. You can then enjoy the relaxing virtues of the CBD, relax your muscles and soothe your possible joint pain. In addition, these effects do not disappear, if you then rinse with clear water.

Chewing gums

CBD chewing gums are still unknown to the public, unlike their nicotine variants. This time, the idea is to improve your well-being thanks to the many virtues of cannabidiol. The substance promotes, among other things, relaxation and falling asleep.

You will also benefit from better quality sleep by reducing your stress.

Like any chewing gum, the product helps you relax. Chewing also makes it possible to extend the diffusion and the effects of the CBD in the body. Therefore, you can calmly cross your days, even the most stressful.

You will be just as soothed before going to bed.

However, you must check the amount of cannabidiol in each chewing gum. Indeed, it is strongly advised not to ingest more than 70 to 80 mg of CBD per day. You are therefore not supposed to consume more than 2 products containing 35 to 40 mg daily.