8 benefits of bananas for athletes

Delicious, fresh and nutritious, the banana is one of the fruits to be found on a balanced plate. Considered a favorite fruit of athletes, it is rich in minerals, fibers, sugars, vitamins and water. For athletes whose’body is very stressed, the banana comes indeed as a reinforcement and brings multiple advantages.

If you are a sports fan, there are many interesting benefits to be had from bananas.

Banana reduces fatigue

Banana is a really sweet fruit. This sugar content makes’it an energizing and fortifying fruit. It therefore ensures a sufficient sugar intake to allow the sportsman’s body to support the sessions of’exercises, without being subject to fatigue.

The body n’Then there is no need to draw on your own resources and the risk of’stunning or muscle weakness is reduced.

The relationship between bananas and sport is such that’She is involved in diets of all athletes. Banana brings athletes near’a quarter of their vitamin B6 needs. Note that vitamin B6 helps the body constitute good reserves of’energy.

This fruit thus allows the athlete to remain able and perform permanently permanently.

To benefit from its benefits, we recommend the choice of’A ripe banana. Indeed, a very ripe banana contains more sugars and carbohydrates.

Banana benefits on the Cœur

For athletes in particular, it is essential to’have a CœUr in perfect health. This organ is very requested during physical exercises. The heart rate increases and it is important to regulate it.

A normal heart rate allows the sportsman to practice your activity safely.

Rich in potassium, bananas optimize the proper functioning of Cœur and his vessels. This mineral acts on the Cœur and preserves it from any problem that can hinder the normal heart rate of the sportsman. The banana thus creates a protective barrier for the Cœur and the whole circulatory system in general.

Regular banana consumption would save you from’cardiovascular accidents and many additional diseases.

A safe ally in the recovery process

After sustained efforts, the energy loss of the’organism is often important. Muscles need to renew themselves and regain their tone. L’one of the essential elements of’organism and contained in the banana, is vitamin E. Its antioxidant properties are useful for the’organization.

Associated with vitamin C, it allows’accelerate healing and intervenes in the recovery and regeneration of muscle tissue. This vitamin therefore remains essential for a better recovery of high-level athletes.

Furthermore, the’combined action of magnesium, potassium and B-complex vitamins, reduces the risk of cramps and muscle pain due to exercise.

A true appetite suppressant

Energizing and also satiating, the banana has the power to fill the voids in the’stomach, faster than many other fruits. VS’is an excellent appetite suppressant that is suitable for small cravings, in order to’Avoid eating a bad chocolate bar for health. Also specify that Banana facilitates digestion and transit.

It prevents sportsman constipation or bloating that can hinder her performance.

Banana is beneficial here from all points of view. She is rich enough to calm hungry. However, its regular consumption n’leads to any weight gain.

Consuming bananas promotes, on the contrary, an increase in muscle mass. Athletes follower of’L bodybuilding exercises L’will adopt particularly.

Banana helps the sportsman keep a good mental balance

Keeping good mental health is essential for high -level professional athletes. They must face the stress and the pressure of competitions. A good mind is sometimes the key that allows them to’be up to their expectations.

Banana contains an amino acid which, once in the’organism, is transformed into serotonin. This element is a hormone which allows to regulate disorders of the’mood and promotes the feeling of well-being. It thus eliminates the risk of depression and’anxiety among these athletes.

Likewise, bananas allow them to keep a good concentration throughout the sessions.

A fruit that promotes restorative sleep

Physical exercises and rest go hand in hand. A restful sleep allows athletes to relax and complete the recovery process. Thanks to the relaxing effects of serotonin produced by the body following’a banana snack, the quality of sleep is clearly improved.

This fruit has sedative properties, which help stress and makes you benefit from’Restoring sleep.

D’Elsewhere, consume bananas to sleep better, prevents athletes from having to turn to medication to find sleep, which can have doping effects. Due to its caloric and stimulating character, we do not recommend its consumption in the evening.

Interesting banana for athletes

Banana solidifies the bones

If you are athletic, you know that’Having solid bones is essential to move without suffering. For football or cycling followers, bone solidity is an indisputable condition. The risk of fractures are present, as are the joint disorders.

Thus, and thanks to potassium and vitamin C that’It contains, this fruit prevents the risks of weakening bones and help keep your bone cells in good condition. You will then be less subject to disabling diseases such as the’osteoporosis. To fill up on potassium, we suggest dried bananas.

Sharessessed and easy to consume

For athletes in full training or late for sessions’exercises and who n’can no longer have a meal, consuming bananas allows a real time saving. You can eat it while you walk to your sports dirty for example. Unlike D’an orange, you don’t need more than a few seconds for the’peel and taste it. She n’is not messy, since’It does not contain any juice that could stain your clothes.

In addition, banana is easy to transport. It is light and takes up little space. She then easily finds her place in a sports bag.