Clean Interior air: how to displease your house ?

We tend to think that outdoor air pollution is dangerous, but yet interior pollution is much more toxic. Be aware that air pollution of our homes is the 8th cause of mortality in the world. With the pandemic of Covid 19, we nevertheless live more and more confined to us, even more increasing interior pollution. Fortunately, there are simple tips for clean up indoor air and displease your house !

What do we mean by cleaning up the air ?

Clean up indoor air consists essentially in hunt pollutants who accumulate in our homes.

It is essentially a question of chasing fine particles, dust and allergenic components. But also to eliminate stagnant humidity which can cause problems of mold, condensation and a proliferation of mites in carpets and wet parts. Without forgetting the viruses, bacteria and chemicals that come into the composition of cleaning products !

Without an effective interior air treatment, these various pollutants will ultimately be responsible for many respiratory diseases, repetitions, allergies ..

Whether it is a product ofinfecting covid, depolluting plants, essential oils … Rest assured some small purchases and simple gestures are enough to eliminate the stale air from your home or apartment !

How to clean up the air of your home ?

As we have seen, good indoor air quality is essential for the health of all. Here are four good practices to adopt to finally find a pure and healthy air !


A Good ventilation of parts is the B-A-Ba to clean up the indoor air ! No need to ventilate the house all day, especially in winter, apart from making your heating bill flare, the technique is useless. Our houses are now equipped with VMC and 15 minutes a day is enough to properly renew the air your interior and hunt all the pollutants accumulated during the day or the night.

So, open your windows large two to three times a day, 5 to 10 minutes each time to purify the ambient atmosphere and breathe a good bowl of pure oxygen !


Use sanitation sprays

In addition to sufficient ventilation, a sanitizing spray will allow you to effectively eliminate the different volatile organic components (VOCs) that pollute your interior. VOCs are chemical substances that emerge from your furniture, your paintings, smoke (tobacco or combustion), your building materials, but also your household products.

Favor Santing sprays who also have virucid action. They will allow you in addition to fighting most viruses and especially against the various coronaviruses.

Buy plants

To purify indoor air naturally and decorate your home, think of depolluting plants ! Some indoor plants such as azalea, boston fern, aloe vera or lavender are precious aids to depollute his house. Not only do they absorb air pollutants, but in addition they reject oxygen !

Buy plants

Use essential oils

Essential oil diffusers have the advantage of helping you clean up the ambient air, while scented your interior !

  • Grapefruit essential oil: thanks to its bactericidal and antiviral action, the grapefruit disinfects the air and brings a soft smell of fresh fruit.
  • Ravintsara essential oil: the antiviral and antibacterial properties of Ravintsara will hunt the impure air of your interior and its immunostimulant virtues will, in addition, help you fight against infections.
  • Eucalyptus Globulus essential oil: it is the ideal HE to eliminate molds and keep parasites and insects away.
  • Lemon essential oil: lemon is perfect for making bad odors disappear (cigarette, animals, food, etc.).

Use these four HEs in synergy for more efficiency by mixing them in your diffuser !

To conclude :: clean up indoor air Houses and offices is essential for our health and well-being. Here are some more tips for finding a cleaning house where life is good: