How to increase and have more’subscribers on Youtube

You have noticed for someone, that the number of subscribers in your Youtube channel no longer increases. Do not panic ! This article is standardized to help you get out of this situation. Here is for ideas and tips to help you increase and have more subscribers on YouTube.

Interact regularly with your audience

You must know above all that YouTube is a social network. To do this, it is important to create a community as is done in any social network. Thereafter, you must enter into permanent communication with the members of your community.

It is therefore necessary to answer the comments and questions of the members of your community using specific videos if possible.

Talk about your channel around you

This is a strategy that seems simple but it can help you considerably increase the number of subscribers on YouTube. Also, it is recommended to participate regularly in the events of glass of activity to take advantage of your YouTube channel. You can make visiting cards with your channel URL on it and distribute this to many people.

Use your website

The increase in the number of YouTube subscribers can be done by operating visitors to your website. Indeed, visitors to your website can discover your YouTube channel just from a search on Google. You therefore have the possibility of converting visitors to your website or blog to YouTube subscribers.

To do this, you must add a widget to your site or your blog allowing them directly to subscribe to your YouTube channel from your site or blog.

Use the carrot strategy

Carrot strategy is to offer a special gift to its subscribers. Set a goal to achieve with a key reward. For example, you must leave messages inviting people to love your YouTube channel in order to reach a given number of subscribers given and promise a special gift for the community in return.

Call for action and encourage people to subscribe to your channel

We must adopt a strategy aimed at the appeal to action. In each video, it is important to make a call to action by inviting people to do what you want them to do for you. This call is to be made anywhere in the video but it is more advisable to do this at the end. You have to explain and argue what you want people to do, the reasons as well as the advantages that the latter draw from this action.

Also, you can simply invite people not to forget to subscribe to your channel by clicking on such button.

Link partnerships with other channels

You should know that the partners are of a sure source allowing you to win more subscribers and quickly. Thus, it is advisable to find other channels registering in the same dynamic as yours and mounting videos together that each will take care of publishing on their YouTube channel.