Four (4) criteria for choosing your skateboard

A skateboard represents a board covered with adhesive paper to the soles (grip) and endowed with’A pair of trucks that keep the wheels equipped with two ball bearings each. Specialized shops and platforms offer a wide range of various brands with distinct characteristics. Beginners and even certain riders cannot easily identify skateboarding capable of meeting their needs and expectations.

This article presents the main criteria to take into account to make a powerful choice.

The Board

The board represents the main component of’a skateboard. Beginners and certain riders often select it considering its aesthetics or the drawings displayed. In practice, three essential elements make it possible to remember an excellent board.

Expressed in thumb, The width of’A board varies between 7.4 and 9.5. Favor a Board of 7.4 or 7.5 for kids. This will largely correspond to their size and they can easily transport their board without getting tired. The weight of’A board remains proportional to the width of the board. Standard riders can opt for a Board of 8.0.

It turns out to be very man in the practice of street and ramp. It guarantees you real stability even when you run with accessories like a skate backpack. Larger boards are specifically suitable for large ramps and large bowls.

They allow you to circulate with a certain comfort and an ease.

Boards display concave more or less remarkable. You will find skates with a strong, medium or light conclave. The boards with very pronounced concaves freak out fairly quickly and prove to be more resistant. They are also more reactive.

The actions exercised by the skateboarder impact more precisely the board. You can run your tricks with more ease and fluidity. However, this criterion remains quite subjective. Riders generally decide according to their personal taste. The experienced subjects take into account the’planned To make a powerful choice.

Professionals recommend skateboarding beginners with a Middle or light concave. This will allow them to better handle their equipment.

The wheels

  • The wheels from 49 to 51 mm prove very technical and maintain skateboarding near the ground. They are specifically suitable for street skaters. They give more responsiveness to skateboarding and make it lighter. Consequently, the’user will be able to execute their tricks more easily in the streets.
  • The wheels from 52 to 55 mm impress by their versatility. Classic, they often equip the boards of experienced skaters that are playing in the small bowls or in the streets.
  • The wheels over 55 mm s’generally use by pool skateers or ramp-riders. They guarantee users greater stability and greater speed speed. However, they show some limits in terms of responsiveness.

Suppliers also offer wheels of different widths. You choose according to the comfort sought and the’desire. Large wheels are more stable.

You can circulate easily and transport accessories without the risk of losing the’balance. The fine wheels remain the lightest.

The bearings

ls represent a mechanical system consisting of ball which ensures a rapid rotation of skateboarding by limiting the friction as much as possible. They position themselves in the wheels. Stores offer different types of ball bearings that stand out for their resistance and quality.

According to ABEC standards, Their class varies from 1 to 9. Skates often use class bearings 3, 5 and 7. Class 3 models remain the cheapest. More expensive, ABEC 7 impress by their speed.

The choice of ball bearings is delicate. Indeed, the ABEC 7 remain quite fragile and are not at all suitable for tricks on streets. Despite their high price, they break fairly quickly and barely support shocks and impacts. Only skaters riding on ramp can really benefit and benefit from their speed.

To save L’money and avoid the rapid break in your bearings, opt for ABEC 5.

Note, however, that current brands take less and less account of the ABEC standard. They are content to categorize their bearings. The prices of these vary according to their characteristics.

In this case, n’Do not hesitate to take the’Notice of your supplier. He will guide you to choose a skateboarding with efficient bearings.