Jump’Elastic: Discover a full D activity

Elastic jump or bungee jumping as we know it is the work of the New Zealander Alan John Hackett who designed installations to skip in complete safety. It is a phenomenal test for thrills of thrills. These jumps of a height between 50 and 100 meters in height are also dizzying as we are rich in adrenaline. Elastic jump is one of the most sought -after outdoor activities in summer.

It is open to anyone aged 16 at least. Minors, however, have a parental authorization and be accompanied. It differs from parachute jumping in particular for its more accessible price, and for the feeling due to the elastics. It’s a very original gift idea.

The experience is different if you jump alone or in tandem, if you jump over the water in the gorges or a plain. It's up to you to find the jump that suits you.

How to jump to the’elastic ?

The jump’elastic in Paris is generally practiced from a viaduct or a bridge. The first step to prepare your jump is to find your place. You can jump around the world. Different jump spots are located in France, especially in the south on the side of Grenoble, Lyon and Toulouse, but also on the Loire valley, in the Vosges and around Paris. Once your place is determined, check the legality of the chosen establishment.

To do this make sure that the latter is registered in the Chamber of Commerce and consult the opinions concerning the establishment and the team.

You must now prepare for your big leap. Favor a comfortable outfit Neither too large nor too tight to be comfortable. Don't forget to empty your pockets. Keep your ankles discovered well so that you can tie the harness to it.

Also remember to get up your top in your pants if you want to avoid getting your stomach in the air during your jump and tie your hair so as not to be embarrassed.

Once on site at the top of the bridge or the viaduct, you are soon ready to jump. Take the time to listen to the advice and directives of your instructor or Jump Master. It's also time to ask your latest questions if you have them. It is the instructor or a person in charge that will harnes you with the feet and at the level of the torso.

He will ask you for your weight in order to choose the appropriate elastic bands for your jump. It is also he who will give you the green light to jump. Once the signal is given, jump without waiting at the risk of being overwhelmed by stress. At that time you just have to enjoy adrenaline and a certain feeling of well-being provided by the jump.

The benefits of jumping’elastic

There are many benefits to the practice of elastic jumping, relating to the benefits of sport. Both in terms of physics and psychological well-being. First, the elastic jump since’It is similar to a sport, Stimulates muscles and organs throughout the fall. If it is not necessary to have particular physical conditions for a first jump, as for all sports a regular practice of the elastic jump requires physical technique.

It is also an activity of strong physical sensations, those of gravity, wind and twists and turns caused by the lifts of the elastic. So many physical and beneficial physical impressions.

Elastic jump is also recognized to help stress management. The leap into the void, the weight of weightlessness, the adrenaline rise before jumping, all these characteristics having a liberating scope. Effect guaranteed from the first jump and which is verified during the following jumps.

It is an experience that also allows its limits to push and in particular to face the fear of vertigo.

There are contraindications to the jump’elastic ?

Before jumping to the elastic, it is essential to consult your doctor so that he can check that there is no contraindication to jump. Following this meeting, he will give you a medical certificate. This document is very important, you can be asked by the jump establishment before starting the activity, as for any practice of a sport.

Elastic jump is not recommended for people with heart problems, hypertension or epileptic disorders. It can also be contraindicated if you have back pain, cervical or joints. Also avoid jumping to the elastic if you have had a recent scoring or tearing. These ailments can be aggravated during the fall in the void.

Also the elastic jump is prohibited for pregnant women or having recently given birth.