Go cruise with Costa for your next vacation !

Cruises offer a great way to travel and discover all the various cultures that the world has to offer us. A cruise allows you to live unique experiences impossible to imagine on firm land.

Choosing a Costa cruise is choosing moments of relaxation and relaxation, many entertainment as well as a wide variety of activities for young and old.

It is very healthy to take a break in our hectic lives and to live the present moment without worrying about daily responsibilities. Cruises are ideal for exploring the world with family, couple or even friends. They allow you to spend quality time with your loved ones.

You n’Have nothing to plan, you have no research to do to know where to go or what you want to see, because Costa Cruise S’occupies everything for you.

Why go cruise with Costa ?

Costa Cruises is l’one of the best known cruise companies in the world offering a Excellent value. With Costa, you will find all kinds of amenities to make your trip unforgettable.

Certain characteristics that make Costa Cruises stand out from its competitors are:

  • A wide variety of destinations worldwide ;
  • Many activities on board and entertainment options, for adults but also for adolescents and children;
  • A fully equipped gym;
  • A luggage service so that you do not have to worry about your suitcases;
  • Free wifi access, among others.

Enjoy Delicious unique menus and carefully prepared by great starred chefs with global renown within the Archipelago restaurant.

Costa cruises make their Accessible activities day and night and allow you to benefit from access to the spa as you wish.

How to reserve excursions during a Costa cruise ?

Plan your vacation thanks to theCosta application which allows you to personalize your cruise as you wish.

Connect to the application to reserve all your excursions and outings, your restaurants at the restaurant, your wellness sessions and many other activities.

This is simple and fast To focus on what really matters !

Which Costa cruise to choose ?

Costa Cruises has a large number of ships all more luxurious as each other.

Each boat has been thought of and designed on a special theme as :

  • Costa Venezia inspired by the city of lovers, Venice;
  • Costa Toscana at the perfume of the sea and Tuscany;
  • Costa Firenze, where the Italian Renaissance takes root;
  • Costa Luminosa, shiny and luminous, having already gone around the world several times;
  • Costa Deliziosa, where comfort meets refinement etc.

Finally, the biggest boat of Costa cruises is undoubtedly the Costa Smeralda. Completed in 2019, Costa Smeralda uses the most specific fossil fuel: liquid natural gas.

With its 337 meters long, its capacity of 6,518 passengers for 2,612 cabins and its 4 swimming pools, the Costa Smeralda is the most beautiful and the biggest boat in the Costa Cruises fleet. This Costa ship has its own Aquapark, its Coliseum technological theater, its shopping center, its games room … without forgetting its archipelago restaurant run by great world famous.

How to book a Costa cruise?

How to book a Costa cruise ?

Want to take the plunge and go on an adventure with Costa Cruises ? Everything is designed to allow you to book your vacation with ease.

Book your Costa cruise by going directly to the Costa Cruises website.

You can also book your vacation by going to a approved travel agency. Get good advice on your Costa cruise choice and on the available excursions throughout the trip.

You can also use the booking number Below 0 800 730 447 or choose to be recalled by a Costa Cruise operator. Simply complete the form available on the Costa Croisière website, in the “Contact” section. An operator immediately reminds you of advising you on your future cruise and making a reservation if you wish.