How to succeed in a chopped beef’onion ?

the chopped beef’onion is a tasty combination that the’We find in many recipes. Sometimes, as in beef stews, you can simply add’onion diced in the pan with the meat while you cook it. This does not work for solid preparations, such as meat breads, meatballs and burgers.

In such cases, you must carefully incorporate the’chopped onion in the chopped beef before forming it and cooking it. You can pound L’onion and other ingredients in the chopped beef.

What you will need:

  • A cutting board,
  • A kitchen knife,
  • A big bowl,
  • Spoon,
  • Aromages, herbs and spices.

The chopped beef’Onion: Discover the recipe

The chopped beef’onion is a local dish that the’we love to taste with family or friends. Relatively simple to prepare, it will not take you much time or’ingredients.

Prepare the onions: L’Art D’A nice cut

Step 1

Rub the’onion between the fingers to remove the outer layer from the skin. Throw the skin and place the’onion on a cutting board. Hold it firmly and motionless with and cut the’Upper end of the stem D’A half-centimeter with a sharp kitchen knife.

Throw the cut room.

2nd step

Place L’onion vertically on the’Flat cut end. Hold it motionless d’one hand, slightly bending your fingers towards the’interior, and cut the’onion in half with a cut down. Remove the rest of the skin and the hard outer layer of the’onion of each half and throw the parts removed.

Step 3

Place each onion half flat on the cut side. One at a time, keep them motionless by pressing them firmly from the top. Perform horizontal cuts almost until’at the root, but not quite up to’at l’end of it.

Make the slices as close as possible to’one of l’other to obtain small dice or mince, c’That is to say the appropriate size for the’incorporation into the ground beef.

STEP 4 of the chopped beef’onion

Hold l’onion still at the root, by wrapping your fingers a little towards the’interior. Make close vertical cuts, starting with the end of the root, but leaving the’intact end. When you approach the’another end, enter both sides of the’onion and press together to hold it firmly.

Run l’90 -degree onion, keeping it together, and make vertical perpendicular vertical cuts over the entire length.

Beef preparation for your recipe

Step 5

Unpack the chopped beef and remove it from its packaging. Place it in a large bowl and separate it into small pieces at L’Help D’spoon.


Pour l’omitted onion in the bowl. Add D’Other aromatics according to your tastes, the desired herbs and spices as’chopped garlic, finely chopped mushrooms or pepper, salt, black pepper, basil,’oregano, thyme or spicy pepper powder.


Pile’onion and other herbs, herbs and spices in the chopped beef with your hands. Return the meat several times and knead continuously to incorporate the other ingredients well.

Step 8

Shape your meatballs, meat bread, hamburger pancakes or any other preparation once’onion and the other ingredients are dispersed uniformly in the chopped beef.

Our tips for a successful beef’onion

L’important in the kitchen is D’have impeccable hygiene. Wash your hands after being in contact with raw minced meat before handling the herbs and D’spices and d’other foods that will not be cooked or washed. Wash them again when you have finished d’incorporate’onion and shape minced meat.

Do not pick up’onion with your knife. L’habit of rubbing it against the cutting board greatly accelerates its tarnishness.

You will be able to taste a very good chopped beef’onion homemade and successful ! Choose the Burgundy wine that will best accompany your dish after the’Having kept in your wine cellar and voila !