Why use Adblock Plus on Android ?

One of the best known extensions on Google Chrome and Firefox And the best application to combat pubs, has just put its Android application online. It is nothing more or less than the Adblock Plus Pubs blocker. The role of this brand new application is to block advertisements on the net.

What is the usefulness of Adblock Plus ? How to install and configure?

What is the use of Adblock Plus ?

Often in full navigation with Android or in full game devices, disturbing advertisements surface and repeatedly making navigation slow and boring. These pubs appear all the time. It is in order to overcome this kind of disturbance that Adblock more exists.

This application is the perfect solution to combat the intrusion of these advertisements on Android smartphones.

To have it, you must have at least one Android 2.1 (Eclair). Even being in the background it is functional, including for non -rooted phones except that it limits the filtering a little.

Adblock Plus installation procedure on Android phones ?

Indeed, it is no longer possible to access theAdblock Plus application On Google Playstore but, it can be downloaded from the official APK website and install it on your Android.

  • Steps to follow to install Adblock Plus

First start by checking if your smartphone authorizes the download of APKs from a source other than Google Play. Then go to the Adblock Plus App website (https: // adblockPlus.Org/En/Android-Install) and click on the ‘’ download ’icon. Once the download is done, install it by clicking on it through the download folder or the notification window for your phone.

As soon as you have your application within your reach, you must execute it at least once before configuring it, that is to say proceed to activating or deactivating filtering and choosing your filter list favorite. And voila! The application is ready to block advertisements.

What are the three main modes of the Adblock application ?

The three modes of Adblock Plus are the following :

  • For rooted devices, the application has the possibility of filtering web traffic without modifying network settings. With this mode, the app has the possibility of filtering Wi-Fi and 3G traffic.
  • When the device is not rooted under Android 3.1 or superior, Adblock Plus can proceed to filtering web traffic but it is impossible for him to intercept traffic other than Wi-Fi.
  • For non -rooted Android 3 phones.0 or lower, the application configuration must be manual as a proxy server. So the application will not work, if you have a device that does not accept settings from a proxy server.

Users of Android smartphones or devices will certainly be delighted to finally get rid of bulky advertisements and freely surf. But the fact remains that publishers and web developers who live on these pubs will be the most injured.