How to protect yourself from COVID-19 with SANTESur ?

At the time of deconfining, it is advisable to redouble vigilance. Whether we are healthy, healthy carrier, that we count a sick person, fragile among our loved ones, whether we are on telework or at work, it is advisable to Respect barrier hygiene measures. And because the coronavirus is transmitted by inhalation of the virus in the form of droplets emitted by cough and sneezing, but also and above all by contact with the hand, it is better not to forget to Clean and regularly disinfect surfaces.

According to the studies carried out, the virus can continue to live elsewhere than in the human body. This lifespan depends on the type of surface. Its lifespan would then be 3 hours in the ambient air, 24 hours on cardboard, 3 days on plastic and steel, 4 days on wood and 5 days on glass. Hands being in contact with many daily surfaces and which can then disseminate the virus: measures of Disinfection with suitable products.

Task that requires the use of “COVVI-19” coronavirus disinfectants in this case.

Protect yourself from COVID-19 with SANTESur: disinfection products

If it is advisable to clean the surfaces to eliminate contaminants, it must be followed by disinfection to kill pathogens. the Combo cleaning/disinfection must be carried out daily Whenever someone enters housing for example.

For that, it is important to use specially formulated products To eliminate the COVID 19. These products must have disinfectant and virucide properties. Nothing like professional maintenance products that combine bactericidal, disinfectants, fungicides, levuricides, virucide, cleaning and disinfectant qualities.

And for good reason, if for the moment the fight is concentrated against the COVVI 19, the environment is not free from other microbes.

To facilitate disinfection, nothing like relying on it handling recommendations, manufacturer’s use. These products that can be harmful to clothing and mucous membranes, it is strongly advised to use a sprayer for difficult to access spaces and to be equipped with protective equipment Like a mask, of a glasses in particular.

Protect yourself from COVVI-19 with SANTESur: areas to be cleaned with hydroalcoholic gel

If you have to clean and disinfection all surfaces, you must especially wear a particular attention to the places that we touch several times. These are switches, door handles, taps, telephone, chairs, remote controls, but also toilets. If these everyday objects filled with bacteria should be screened daily, before cooking and handling food you have to wash your hands as well as the utensils used.

And nothing like the’use of hydroalcoholic gel to disinfect surfaces.

Then, you must also leave your shoes outside (a sole containing more than 400,000 different bacteria) and back of the races, throw all the packaging. For linen, it is best to wash it properly after being in contact with other people, having attended the areas of great passage like public transport. As for household linen, it is better to wash the sheets (without shaking them beforehand) every week, the duvets every two weeks with a machine cycle of 60 ° C.

To stop the COVVI-19, good hygiene is essential.

For optimal cleaning and disinfection, nothing like doing the sorting in business, of put unnecessary objects. Finally, whatever the room to be cleaned, you must always start from top to bottom and finish with the ground.