Why consult a dietitian ?

Bad eating habits, food phobias, unsuccessful dieting… there are many reasons why you may consult a dietitian. This dietetics professional will be able to support you to find a dietary balance in line with your nutritional needs. If you hesitate to consult a dietitian, here are all the good reasons to make an appointment !

Why go to a dietician ?

Many of you think that the role of a dietitian is only to manage problems of obesity or anorexia. However, there are a multitude of reasons for consultations:

  • Finding a healthy balanced diet.
  • Avoid weight gain after quitting smoking.
  • Lose weight if overweight or obese.
  • Allege symptoms related to menopause.
  • Improving your diet during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  • Help athletes balance their energy intake.
  • Accompany adolescents who are often prone to eating disorders such as anorexia or bulimia.
  • Adapt the menus in the event of fitting a gastric band, a bypass or a sleeve gastrectomy.
  • Rebalance meals in the event of chronic diseases such as diabetes, cholesterol, hypertension, cardiovascular disease in accordance with your treating doctor.
  • Develop menus according to your intolerances (gluten or lactose).

As you can see, each of us can one day need to Consult a dietitian. As Nicolas Aubineau, dietitian nutritionist of sport explains, good health comes above all through the plate !

Why go consult a dietitian?

How is follow -up ?

If you are ready to consult a dietitian or a dietician, here are the different stages of dietary follow -up.

During your first consultation, your dietitian will take the time to know you by drawing up a nutritional ::

  • What are your eating habits: your tastes, how you eat, your meal hours, how many meals do you do per day, in what quantity ..
  • What are your personal, professional and family constraints ?
  • What are your energy needs: are you sedentary or sporty, amateur or professional, prepare a sporting competition, how much is your age, your sex ?
  • What are your goals ? Follow a diet, learn to eat well, gain weight or overcome metabolism disorders (thyroid disruption for example).

Then the nutrition specialist will make a bodily assessment By taking the different body measurements (size and weight) to obtain your BMI (body mass index), your water mass and your visceral fat.

Thanks to this information, the dietitian will provide you with a dietetic diagnosis and a nutritional plan with:

  • Food advice explaining the importance of each nutrient (vitamins and minerals) for the body.
  • Tailor-made menus with balanced recipes according to your nutritional needs.

The number of sessions will depend on your objectives and the difficulties encountered all far from the food program. Never forget that lasting weight loss is always a long journey and that it is important to always stay motivated.

How is the follow-up going?

What reimbursement for a visit to the dietitian ?

Unfortunately, the consultation with a dietitian are not reimbursed by social security. However, your mutual insurance company can pay for all or part of the consultation, provided that the health professional has an ADELI number.

Many coaches or nutrition experts have entered the field of dietetics. However, not all have the required skills and can even be dangerous.

It is preferable to entrust your health to recognized professionals who have a diploma certified by the French State (BTS dietetics or DUT biological engineering option dietetics) and therefore an ADELI number.

As for the price of a dietary consultation, it varies according to the practitioner and the regions. In general, the price for a first appointment is between 40 and 60 €. Follow-up consultations are then less expensive, as they are shorter. Remember to ask your mutual health insurance for the reimbursement conditions for sessions, each organization has its own policy !

To conclude : you would have understood it, consult a dietitian to find a balanced diet, eliminate eating disorders or prepare for a sports competition, is essential to achieve your goals. Thanks to it, you will rediscover the pleasure of eating healthy !