Laser epilation: why choose this method ?

In terms of’hair removal, women (but also men !) have the choice of method: razor, wax, tweezers, wire, very many solutions exist to get rid of hair. Yes, but these various processes all have a major drawback: they are not preventing the regrowth of the hair. You are looking for’An efficient treatment, capable of removing visible hairs on the surface of your skin ? In this case, discover I’final laser hair removal. Why be tempted by this treatment ? What are the advantages that’he proposes ? We will take stock in this article.

But before that, let’s see how the’permanent hair removal.

L’Laser hair removal: how it works ?

The technique of the’Laser hair removal is rather simple to understand. In reality, it is based on I’Use of light. L’device (laser) delivers a light beam, applied a few millimeters from the skin in the area to be treated. This beam is captured by melanin. They’Acts pigments that give their color to the hairs.

Melanin carries the light to the hair bulb. Thanks to the heat emitted by the light beam, The bulb burns to never push back again.

However, to obtain satisfactory results thanks to the’laser hair removal, several sessions are necessary. Indeed, the laser only works on the hair in the growth phase. However, only a third of hairs D’an area to be treated are at this stage of development.

It will therefore be necessary treat several times, for’obtain a really final result on visible hairs.

How is a session D’final laser hair removal ?

A session D’laser hair removal is quite short: It lasts between 20 and 30 minutes. However, it requires good preparation. A month before the appointment, avoid the’wax hair removal, so as to preserve the bulb, in anticipation of its destruction.

In addition, 24 hours before treatment, the patient will take care to shave in razor or depilatory cream. Indeed, the laser is more efficient on short hairs, less than 1 millimeter.

To avoid a possible discomfort, the practitioner can prescribe an anesthetic cream to his patient, to apply a few hours before the start of treatment. Thus, the risk of pain is completely removed.

Laser hair removal: how does it work?

L’laser hair removal, to deal with many areas

L’laser hair removal is the most efficient treatment to eradicate the hairs permanently. In addition, it can be envisaged to depilate many areas of the body. The most frequently treated laser parties in women are The upper lip (the moustache), armpits, legs and jersey.

Men, who are more and more numerous to be tempted by the’final hair removal, choose the’hair removal arms, chest or back.

On the other hand, the skin of the jaw, the neck and the cheeks is too fragile to be shaved in the laser.

L’laser hair removal, treatment suitable for many profiles

Like us l’We have seen previously, c’is melanin that carries laser light until’bulb. As a result, for optimal efficiency, the’final hair removal is recommended to women with clear skin and dark hairs. However, thanks to the latest technological innovations, lasers have been designed specifically for the’Black -skinned women’s hair removal.

The risk of burns driven by the significant presence of colored pigments is definitively removed.

Many people can opt for this final treatment, except those with light hair and skin. In this case, the only final method is the’Electrolysis hair removal, which is unfortunately less and less proposed in the institute.

L’Laser hair removal, a profitable solution

It is generally necessary to consider 6 sessions, to definitively eradicate the hairs of’a zone. Next, No need to make an appointment every month in a beauty institute to make your way off ! It then becomes possible to make great savings.

Consider the different formulas proposed in beauty institutes. For example, for laser hair removal from Esthetical, it will take between 35 and 110 €.

L’Laser hair removal, minimal risks for the skin

L’laser hair removal can only be performed by doctors dermatologists and their assistants, trained and experienced. These health professionals perfectly master the handling of this device. Thus, the risk of burns or’side effects is minimal.