How to make a organic candle

In this article we are not talking about a mechanical candle but rather a candle to light up a house. It is generally made with wax and a wick. Formerly, if not having electronic current, candles were used as a light source. It was then used for religious rituals to have dark lighting or to make offerings. Later it was used to celebrate birthdays.

From time to time it was used for decoration.

Today it is used as scent. She has different fragrances Depending on the product or plant with which it is manufactured. You also have candles to push mosquitoes, candles for the ears.

You can find candles for massages, these candles are generally organic candles hand -made.

So if you always wanted to make a natural candle we present to you how to make it through a few steps.

The steps for making an organic candle

Candle design is an art that has gone through centuries in certain families in Europe. It was made for commercial purposes but today we make it yourself for personal use. You can make it without the need for chemicals or major tools.

Gather the necessary materials

To make a organic candle, first of all you need candle wax. You will have to take it according to the number of candles you want to have. Seek to have natural waxes like the soy wax is the most popular wax, the beeswax also but the latter cannot be fragrant or colorful.

Look for a work area that you protect with tea towels or papers. Also have a cloth soaked in water in case the wax overturns.

You will also need a heat source to melt the wax you buy.

Melt the wax

Beforehand, to melt the wax, it will be necessary to cut it into small pieces or in the form of shavings. You have several ways to melt the wax: you can melt it in a bowl in town hall or in a microwave. As you go, stir with a baguette to distribute the heat if of course you use the Bain Marie method.

Add perfumes

When your wax is melting, please add essential oils to have a scented candle. Essential oils you can have them everywhere in a perfumery, in a supermarket, everywhere … You can choose your essential oils depending on the perfumes you want. Depending on your choice, you can choose to have craft candles with appeasement perfumes or ambient perfumes.

When making your organic candle, you have the choice to choose the scent you want and therefore essential oils. You can also customize your perfumes by mixing essential oils.

Add colors

You don’t need chemical dyes, you have food dyes at your disposal. But be careful, add the drip coloring while stirring until you get the desired color.

Look for a jar and a wick

Thanks to these two objects you will be able to finalize your construction. You can have a glass, metal jar ..

Introduce the wick so that it is straight vertically. Please what the wick exceeds the jar at least 2 cm

Pour the wax into the jar

Remove the warm wax and pour into the jar while taking care that the wick is always straight.

Let the candle wax cool

You can for example put your jar in a refrigerator for 2 hours. Or if you want you can leave it in the open air between 5 and 24 hours it will depend on the wax you used at the base. After your wax takes shape, cut the end of the wick.

You now have your organic candle made with natural origins.

Few know it, but the organic candle makes at the base of soy wax to health virtues on the skin. You just have to light the candle for a few moments and turn it off next. Dip your fingers and pass the wax to the areas where you have problems on your skin.

You can recycle the organic candles already used among other things. Just recycle them, melt them to add the essential oils or the colors you want and that’s around. So you have given new life to your candles.

We recommend that you use organic candles that candles made with chemicals in factories. A study proves that when a candle designed with consumed chemicals, it pollutes the environment. The frame in which the candle is soiled and therefore the person in the inside.

Where to buy your equipment for the manufacture of candles ?

You have always loved to create decorative objects, so much so that you consider having enough’experience in the field to make it your job. VS’is why you plan to get started very soon, as a craft creator. If you have already found the name of your brand, and started to think about its visual identity, you still lack an essential element: your supplier of raw materials.

Because if you could satisfy yourself with articles found in creative leisure stores for your personal creations, making a candle in a professional manner requires quality ingredients, which will make your creations out of the lot.

To find a choice, and above all very good products at reasonable prices, we recommend that you go to a website specialized in the field, like land of candles. This online store offers everything you need to make superb candles yourself: