Wi-fi is healthy health ?

At the office or at home, in restaurants, shops or other public spaces, Wi-Fi is often present to facilitate user access to the Internet. They call on it to work or to distract. Wireless connection is become essential in daily life.

Discover its effects on health.

Wi-fi, what is ?

Wi-Fi means Wireless Fidelity. It is a system that allows the connection of two or more devices between them or to the Internet Without having to use cables. Thanks to this possibility of connecting wireless, users have the opportunity to move their smartphone or computer everywhere in the covered area. They therefore no longer need to handle cables.

It is necessary to have an internet box to take advantage of the broadband link of Wi-Fi.

He follows the IEEE 802 standard.11 internationally approved For all wireless communication tools.

It is necessary that a computer has a wireless network adapter that transforms information into a radio signal so that the Wi-Fi connection is functional.

If you find that your Wi-Fi connection is not very effective, it is possible that there is an interference at the covered area. This type of problem is often caused by devices that emit electromagnetic waves. The solution is therefore to keep them away and not to use them in the covered surface.

Another tip to optimize the flow is to put the transmitter and the receiver side by side. You can also opt for a Wi-Fi amplifier as you can find on the article https: // www.Guide-Amplifier-WiFi.FR/Best-WIFI/.

Be sure to follow the steps of the installation and configuration of the Wi-Fi network for a problem without problems.

What are the effects of Wi-Fi on health ?

It is necessary to know that a device that connects to Wi-Fi receives and transmits electromagnetic waves with a frequency of approximately 2,400 MHz. This level of frequency is capable of waving water molecules knowing that the organism of an adult human is made up of around 65 % of water and that of a child about 75 %.

Some people do not support the air and Then suffer from electromagnetic sensitivity. In some countries, this hypersensitivity is considered sometimes as a mental illness, sometimes as a handicap. The most common symptoms are fatigue, tinnitus and concentration difficulties.

Short -term Or on a daily basis, a perpetual overexposed person of Wi-Fi waves may suffer from:

  • Dizziness;
  • Tinnitus;
  • Concentration and memory problems;
  • Fatigue ;
  • Pain in the ears;
  • Frequent headache.

An overexposure to Wi-Fi waves would cause one or more of these anomalies on the long term ::

  • Hormonal imbalance ;
  • Male fertility problem;
  • Anomaly of the nervous system;
  • Genetic disturbance.

There would also be a link between The decline in the quality of sperm and Wi-Fi waves. The experience consisted in placing sperm samples below a computer that downloads thanks to a wireless connection. Another sample is put in one place far from all kinds of waves but at the same temperature level as the other.

After a few hours, the sample placed under the computer has an amount of motionless and mobile sperm. However, sperm away from Wi-Fi waves all still moved.

How to protect yourself from Wi-Fi ?

Having wi-fi is almost unthinkable since it is useful in carrying out several tasks. There are still simple preventive measures to limit exposure to waves.

Avoid placing the box in a bedroom. Then you have to deactivate Wi-Fi when no one uses it and extinguish it before sleeping. Thus, all people in the covered area are far from the waves during their sleep.

Change wireless fixed phones with wired devices.

Don’t stay long near a Wi-Fi box. Therefore, you must place it about one or two meters from the place you work for for example.

When you use your laptop connected to Wi-Fi, be sure to Do not put it on the knees Especially if the user is a pregnant woman. Indeed, the waves would have an impact on the amniotic fluid, which would cause in rare cases a miscarriage.

Anyway, Wi-Fi is an integral part of the life of modern man. If it is almost impossible to live without this technology, everyone should limit their use because as you know, all excess is bad.