3 massage equipment for the recovery of athletes

Unmissable step following an intense activity, recovery aims to eliminate the toxic substances accumulated because of the’effort. It is also a way to reconstruct the energy reserves. After this phase, a sportsman finds his physical potential and manages without problem to chain his future training sessions.

Recovery is mainly based on good nutrition, quality sleep and massages. Let’s talk about this third pillar that’is massage by offering you 3 effective equipment preventing you from using a professional.

The massage gun for good muscle recovery

The massage pistol, or Gun massage, massages the muscles by giving them moderate small shots, in order to assign you all its benefits. This massage pistol was created a few years ago and the Theragun brand model is one of the best known on the market. You should know that the massage gun n’is not made to fully replace the care’a physiotherapist.

The benefits of’A massage gun

L’PLC or Massage by means of this equipment provides draining and analgesic effects in a sportsman. It promotes blood circulation and relieves possible pain after intensive physical effort.

By acting directly on your muscles, the pistol improves mobility and reduces, even eliminates, the risk of muscle stiffness. As massage is often synonymous with relaxation, this accessory is also known for its distressing virtues.

Principle D’Use of the massage gun

In order to relieve pain, massage the area concerned in making circular movements. Useless D’Press, because L’device is already designed to hit the muscles.

Remember to adapt the tip of the’device according to your needs. With the pistol, are generally delivered different massage heads:

  • The large spherical tip is to be used in order to treat localized pain in muscle groups (glutes, hamstrings, etc.)),
  • The smallest round massage head is indicated to resolve nœmuscle uds,
  • Conical tip aims to treat a very specific point,
  • The tip in the shape of a u or a fork is intended for the massage of the tendon D’Achille,
  • the foam tip is suitable for Treat sore areas,
  • The Trapezo massage headïDale particularly aims to drain the’lactic acid after physical efforts.

It is recommended to read the instructions well before the’use of this device and to respect all indications and precautions’prescribed use.

Recovery massage pistol

The pins massage ball

Another equipment recommended as part of the Post-effect recovery. It is offered under different sizes depending on the area to be treated. Being light and easy to transport, this accessory is one of the best gadgets in the sportsman.

The advantages of’a massage ball

The pointed ball provides a soothing effect by helping to relax muscle tensions. It also acts at the N levelœuds often at the’Origin of pain. Like the case D’Other massage devices, the bowl ball improves blood circulation and allows you to relax better.

Principle D’use of the ball

Before’Use a bowl ball, you must start by locating the painful area precisely. The equipment being small, it must be applied on a specific point.

After detecting the area to be treated, you can start massage by simply making the ball slide to the’place. Exercise a slight support on your muscles, in order to feel the desired relaxation.

It is possible to s’Automasser the back with a massage ball. To do this, place the equipment between your back and a wall on which you will rely. Move your body to roll the ball behind you working on the point to massage.

You can also ask’Help a second person to massage this area.

If the pain is located in your arch, roll the ball placed under your feet by exerting a slight support.

The massage roll

Made at L’Help D’A rigid foam, the massage roll is in the form of a cylindrical cushion and can be used on different parts of your body. Physically, it is available in two types: the smooth model and the one with small bumps.

The advantages of the massage roller

Athletes use a massage roll to work their joints. This equipment indeed improves the Flexibility of joint movements by providing better fluidity to the joints. It also acts on blood circulation by effectively untangling stiff areas.

Finally, it allows you to relax and reduce stress after intense activity.

A massage roll is also sometimes used before the’effort, in order to’Help the sportsman to release his muscles.

Principle D’use of the roller

L’Plusoming with the roller S’performs mainly by being placed on the ground. For treatment D’gluteal pain, install d’First the equipment under your legs. Then slowly roll the’equipment from your glutes to’at your knees.

If you want to make a massage in the back, lie down and place the’equipment below. Put your hands behind your head and, with your body, roll the’tool from the upper back to’In terms of hips.

Our advice to promote post-work recovery

Massages are, certainly, effective, but they must also be accompanied by’A good lifestyle and D’Other practices.

Good nutrition

It is recommended to indulge in a healthy diet and good hydration. Compensate for your energy loss during the’effort by foods rich in carbohydrates and fructoses, as well as protein foods. Also remember to hydrate yourself, because during an intense physical practice, the body sweats and then loses a lot of’water.

Drinking enough will allow you to compensate for the loss of’trace elements and mineral salts.

A complete sleep

For the body, sleep is the moment conducive to Total muscle relaxation. VS’is also when you sleep that the fabric regeneration process takes place. It is advisable to respect at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night if you want to recover properly.


Generally controversial practices, stretching after intense physical effort can however be beneficial in the context of recovery. Be careful, they must however be carried out gently by granting each movement with breathing.